1.01 | Ligand Classifications and Molecular Bonding

Monday April 33rd 2023 | Welcome to the course Advanced Inorganic Chemistry. After a short overview of the course and the required background, this lecture reviews the elementary principles of the different types of ligands (L, X, and Z) and their elementary properties. Afterwards we start with the most common L-type ligand the phosphine and evaluate why they are better ligands that amines, via analysis of their MO-diagram. We learn how to construct the MO-Diagram of Linear and Pyramidal Molecules that have a lone pair. Via analysis of their frontier molecular orbitals we are able to able to make predictions about the reactivity of the HOMO and the LUMO. After a thorough analysis of the MO-diagrams, we discuss the different properties of phosphine and how we can obtain information about them via analysis of the cone-angle, bite-angle, and Tolman parameters. The course materials are uploaded on the supplementary page with this first lecture.

The video for the lecture can be found below: