2.03 | Molecular Orbitals of Ammonia & Principles of Sigma and Pi

May 16 2022 | Now the the character table has been explained and we are able to use its various components, in this lecture the molecular of ammonia has been revisited. Instead of using the method of inspection to generate the symmetry adapted linear combinations, we now use the character table and the reduction formula to deduce the irreducible representations. By doing so we also obtain symmetry (Mulliken Symbols) of the irreducible representations, which we used to generate visible representations of the symmetry adapted linear combinations of the grouped orbitals (LGO’s). Once the symmetry is known, we generated the molecular orbitals diagram of ammonia and the visual representations of its molecular orbitals. The introduction of a three-way orbitals interaction diagram was also introduced.

For the video of the lecture can be found below: