6.02 | In Class Exercise II

Monday June 5th 2023 | In today’s exercise we practise with recognizing the symmetry of the symmetry adapted linear combinations (SALCS) of Anthracene, from the total of 14 SALCs we treated six of them in class, by asking specific questions on how the SALCS transform under specific symmetry operations of the group. By a process of elimination, we were able to determine the exact symmetry of each SALC. In the second question we looked at the different MO-diagrams of allene, and determined in which electron configuration the two different forms of allene are more stable. The trick, was to use a symmetry element (e.g., a mirror plane) to enable the distinction between the orbitals by the method of inspection. The questions and answer key can be found in the supplementary information with this lesson.

The link to the video can be found below: